Our Last LTT in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Between April 11-15, SAPHOR partners gathered in the LTT in Ljubljana which was hosted by Terra Vera. The subject of the LTT was crosscultural communication and ICT usage for the refugees. During the 5 days of our meeting, we had different training sessions and had the chance to see how refugees affected the local atmosphere of Ljubljana.


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Our Third LTT Activity in Athens

The Safer Places Hopeful Refugees project partners came together in Athens on June 14-18 for the third LTT Activity. The partners had the chance to discuss the illegal sea crossing attempts in Agean Sea and see the voluntary organizations that work for the benefits of the refugees in Greece in the integration process. We thank to our Greek partner Action Synergy for their hospitality.

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Our Second Learning-Teaching Training in Sweden

We held our second LTT meeting between August 29 and September 2, in Orkelljunga, Sweden, hosted by our project partner IFALL.

Our training topic was “Integration Methods for Work with refugees and Migrants”

We thank to our Swedish partner for this awesome training.

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Brochures to Make Lives Easier

Our project partners EURO-NET from Italy, IFALL from Sweden, ACTION SYNERGY SA from Greece,DANUBE UNIVERSITY from Austria, and WELTGEWANDT from Germany and we, the Canakkale Governorship are working hard always keeping in mind how to make the refugees’ lives easier. Based on this idea, the project partners prepared brochures in many different languages.

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Turkish Language Course for the Immigrants

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The Turkish Language Course for immigrants, one of the project activities, was opened on 13.03.2017. During the course which will last aproximately 4 months, the trainees will try to learn Turkish. Thanks to this course, the participants will be able to reduce the difficulties they experience in both oral and written communication.

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